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The Data Supply Chain

Collecting data and distilling valuable insights are essential steps in becoming more data-driven. Further unlock the value of your data by transforming these insights into beautiful and compelling data-driven stories. Then use these stories to extend your reach and capture the hearts and minds of many.

Datylon focuses on this last mile of the data supply chain. Our platform helps you to convert filtered information into visually attractive stories. Thereafter you can easily share these data stories to boost information dissemination and understanding.

A Better and Faster Workflow

Great data-driven stories combine a powerful narrative, beautiful design, relevant data insights and a channel through which the audience can be reached. That’s why Datylon focuses on helping designers, developers, data analysts and storytellers to work better and faster together.

Datylon helps designers to easily create beautiful artwork with on-brand charts and maps. Data analysts can focus on their work and deliver their data insights in formats that can be readily used in story templates. The resulting data stories can be shared and embedded on the web or in applications whereby developers can add interactivity.


Putting Information into Circulation

Data stories come in many flavors. Use Datylon’s plug-in for Adobe© Illustrator™ to add JavaScript-created SVG charts and maps to static reports, dynamic infographics, dashboards or even full-fledged online interactive data stories. Publish your work to Datylon’s online platform for viewing, editing, sharing and embedding.

Increase your information velocity and maximize your data value by using Datylon’s live data feature: your data stories will always render automatically with the latest data.

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