Big Data Location Insights / Proximus MyAnalytics is an innovative Location Insights Solution. Receiving daily mobile data feeds, this easy-to-use platform delivers clear location insights for marketeers and business analysts.
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There was too much lag time delivering Location Insights Solutions (LIS). With their network producing increasingly sought-after data, and not enough specialised resource to deliver to demand potentials, the Proximus team knew that there must be a better way to deliver specialized LIS reports to their customers in a timely manner.


Working in close collaboration with the Proximus team, we developed a truly unique portal that customers could register for and produce their own LIS reports in a simple and user-friendly way. We fully automated ordering as well as delivery of highly engaging, interactive and informative Origin-Destination, Footfall and Crowd-Management reports.


Progressing from manually produced data science reports, to fully automated LIS reports available online to the end user in a matter of minutes; it is simple to see where the value lies. As well as opening up a new revenue stream for Proximus, with this efficient and scalable solution, the end user is also benefitting. Reports are delivered in a way that means a data novice right through to a data expert can comprehend insights quickly and easily.