Port of Antwerp: Haven Monitor

The Port of Antwerp (PoA) has a long and colorful history as one of the world’s most significant shipping hubs. Today, with continually striving to renew and innovate its systems and processes, data management and communication are understandably a top priority.
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With the volume of data that PoA is now gathering and processing, a smarter and more consolidated approach needed to be considered. Data coming from many different sources, for many different purposes, was being handled across many different tools and platforms. And if that data did end up in a form of communication, it was not tailored to the reader, containing far too much information so the facts were getting lost.

Our brief was to design a complete, yet comprehendible, reporting structure to circulate amongst PoA management.


Together with the PoA’s Market Intelligence team, we delivered a tailor-made recurring monthly report template. The report layout took into consideration that a traditional dashboard designs often contained far too much technical detail for any actionable insights to be gained - other than from the few experts who could actually decipher it! The balance of the data story had to be correct in order for busy professionals to read and understand, without needing a degree in data science.

Furthermore, as well as the report template, a specialized platform was also developed to produce and distribute bespoke data stories as frequently as needed. This allows for information to be shared in a timely and relevant manner. This tool was developed on top of our Datylon Insights platform.


By condensing vast amounts of information into an attractive format, busy PoA executives are now able to grasp at a glance what the data is saying. With more people having access to the information and more understanding, the result is that smarter actions can be taken. With this boosted engagement comes a new visual language amongst port executives. The value of communicating with data in this way can also extend outside of the organization, to external stakeholders and suppliers, and the general public.