An IoT platform aimed to help operate and service tens of thousands of air compressors worldwide.
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Off-the-shelf commercial IoT platforms offer affordable solutions with a quick time to market, but they generally only address global common denominator problems. This means they are not useful for the growing amount of organizations with very specific global IoT needs, like CMC.


A tailor made, fully scalable, IoT platform connects to CMC’s large installed base of air compressor controllers. A practical UX with the right custom data visualizations and reporting capabilities for each and every stakeholder in the eco-system ensures that everybody’s job becomes easier and air compressor uptime and efficiency increases.


The IoT platform ensures that the worldwide network of air compressors can be maintained proactively and predictively, ultimately delivering higher uptimes. Service technicians and distributors have access to faster insights than ever before, resulting in energy savings and less machine downtime.