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Finally, advanced data visualization right within Adobe® Illustrator® CC

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Boosting the charting power of Illustrator

Datylon Graph takes you far beyond the graph tool found in Illustrator. Datylon Graph allows graphic designers and dataviz professionals to efficiently create advanced graphs right within their trusted environment.

Always on brand with full design freedom

With Datylon Graph, all charts can be styled as required with an extensive list of properties to give you full creative control. Many properties are driven by data reducing your graphic editing work considerably.

An abundant chart library at your fingertips

Create sophisticated data stories using a growing library of charts. Our chart collection is always being enriched, even contact us if there’s something specific that you need.

Efficiency when you never lose your styling

The frustration that comes with updating or repurposing a chart with new data is a thing of the past with the Datylon Graph plug in. When new data arrives your chart styling efforts will remain.

Collaborate on your data stories

Creating a data story is teamwork. Enjoy a new workflow where data supply and graphic design come together. With data being provided by the data owner, the designer is unhindered, ensuring the visual is effective and always on-brand. Has new data arrived? No worries! A maintained data link means you can simply update and see the result immediately.

Connect, share, inspire on Datylon Insights

Organizing, editing and sharing data stories online has never been easier. Ensure your information reaches the right hands by managing access for your co-workers and viewers in Datylon Insights. Create links to data coming from different sources. And, share your data stories to eyes, hearts and minds of those far and wide with open access, where published stories can even have the dataset accessible for download.

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Create striking data visuals in 3 easy steps

Meeting the growing need for sophisticated dataviz tools, Datylon helps designers confidently create and collaborate right within Adobe Illustrator.

1. Upload your data

Upload data from Excel, JSON or CSV files or use a URL for a live data link.

2. Create your visualizations

An extensive set of charts right within Adobe Illustrator to represent your data in a wide variety of ways.

3. Share your work

Publish to Datylon Insights and share your work online. Keep a live link to the data.

  • Saves you time, increases productivity
  • Extensive and frequently enriched chart library
  • Web-based charts right within Adobe Illustrator
  • Safe, secure and reliable links to the data source
  • Easily style and update chart templates
  • Reuse designs with new data
  • Share your designs online in seconds
  • Custom charts added on demand

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