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Finally, advanced data visualization right within Adobe® Illustrator®
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You’re already an expert

Keep working within Illustrator with ease and control. Datylon® Graph has been built based on the needs of designers, so there'll be no downtime familiarizing yourself with using something new.

An abundance of charts

Tap into the wealth of web-based charts right within Illustrator. Our chart collection is regularly updated and you can even contact us if you can't find what you need. Always have the right graphs to make your data stories.

Design once, easily reuse

Working with data shouldn’t be at the detriment of design or efficiency. Datylon Graph keeps all styling and branding efforts intact when new data arrives.

Connect, share, inspire, inform

Publish your data stories directly from Illustrator to Datylon Insights. Datylon Insights is an online platform allowing you to share your data stories with others.

Solutions start at free

Get started with our free version. It's always our priority to offer sophisticated dataviz and cost effective plans that work for you and your organisation's needs.

Keep your data safe and secure

All data is kept in your Illustrator files. If you publish your work, Datylon will safely and securely store your data online. See our terms for full details. 

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Create striking data visuals in 3 easy steps

Meeting the growing need for sophisticated dataviz tools, Datylon helps designers confidently create and collaborate right within Adobe Illustrator.

1. Upload your data

Upload data from Excel, JSON or CSV files or use a URL for a live data link.

2. Create your visualizations

An extensive set of charts right within Adobe Illustrator to represent your data in a wide variety of ways.

3. Share your work

Publish to Datylon Insights and share your work online. Keep a live link to the data.

  • One solution for both digital and print outputs
  • Keep your designs up to date with live data links
  • Web-based charts right within Adobe Illustrator
  • Safe, secure and reliable links to the data source
  • Easily style and update chart templates
  • Reuse designs with new data
  • Share your designs online in seconds
  • Custom charts added on demand

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