Replicating real and ideal men.

Another edition in our Copycat-chart series.


it’s me, Copycat again.

Weekly we try to copy beautiful or inspiring data visuals with our Datylon Graph plug-in for Adobe Illustrator CC.

This time, our CEO came up with this older chart designed by DensityDesign, a Research Lab of the Politecnico di Milano. 

It is a really beautifully designed data visualization, but maybe our CEO was also inspired by the topic. I never dared to ask ;-)

The data story is about how much correspondence there is between the dreamed man (by men) and the real man as can be found on the Meetic online dating site.

Let the re-making begin

Let’s look at the process of making the charts. The data story contains 18 charts, left representing the profile of the Ideal Man, right for the Real Man.

18 charts means 18 data sets, or 'data sheets' as we call them in Datylon Graph. All these data sheets are managed in the data sheet manager panel of the tool and can easily be updated by uploading new data sheets without having to remake or restyle anything.

Obviously the bar length and the labels, but also the bar colors are driven by data. By the click of a button, one can bind the correct columns to the corresponding properties.

But then I came across a challenge.

The dotted line that connects the bar with the category label is not standard available (yet) in our tool. We have grid lines but they span over the full width of the chart area. So instead of bothering R&D to develop a new feature, I used another awesome function in Datylon Graph: the possibility to link one data sheet to two (or more) charts!

So I made another chart, with bars covering the unwanted part of the dotted line, and added the labels on top of it. Then I linked the same data sheet to the two charts and put them on top of each other. Et voilá.

I tried to copy the data visual as closely as possible using Datylon styling properties like the colors (data driven!), font type & size, line colors & widths, etc. I only added a small modification: rounded corners on the bars of 0,5 pixel. Just because I can.

The final product

Our Datylon Graph tool is ready for testing. Find out if our tool helps you to create your charts faster and easier. You can register for free access to the plug-in, or dive into all the details

Watch out for another Copycat soon.

The original chart: 

Copied fully data-driven chart made with the Datylon Graph for Adobe Illustrator CC plug in:

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