Continuous screening of media; Datylon & Klarrio / Zorg & Gezondheid

Datylon in the news


Datylon, with its partner Klarrio, was recently involved in a ‘sandbox’ innovation experiment with the Flemish Government’s health agency, Zorg & Gezondheid (Z&G). The experiment involved continuously screening and reporting on-line media related to public health.  


By analysing and visualizing the data collected in the screening, Z&G could monitor sentiment trends and react rapidly on them.


The output was 2 daily reports on the media screening and historical trends. See report below.

The sandbox experiment perfectly demonstrates how effective data capture and visualization can transform standard reporting into an easily-understood format for regular monitoring and updates. However, it also showed that, in order for a complete picture, social media must be included in the future.  

For Z&G, knowing the difference between internal and external sentiments means they can be more informed to take intelligent, data-driven, steps in order to realign.

See full article here (in Dutch).