Which operating systems does Datylon support?
We support Mac OS X and 32 bit or 64 bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

How does a live data link work?

One of the most powerful features of Datylon is that your work in Illustrator, as well as that shared online, can be re-rendered automatically with the latest datasets. Check “Uploading data or making a live data link” for more information.

What color model does Datylon use for its charts and maps?
Datylon uses a RGB color model. You can create CMYK documents in Illustrator though.

What output formats does Datylon support?
Through Illustrator you can export to PNG, JPG, SVG or PDF. The Datylon online app currently only supports SVG output, but PDF, JPG and PNG export is on our roadmap.

How many times can I install the Datylon plug-in for Illustrator?
Just like Illustrator you can install Datylon on more computers, but at any time you can have only 2 instances running in parallel using the same Adobe ID.

Does Datylon support older Illustrator CS versions?
No, we don’t.

What browsers does Datylon support?
Datylon makes use of SVG. SVG support in browsers is quickly improving. At the moment we specifically tests and support the latest versions of Chrome and Safari, but other browsers might work as well.

Do you intent to have Datylon plug-ins for other applications?
If there is a market need for this, then we surely want to address this. Please let us know via support@datylon.com which application you like us to support next.

Can I share my work via Social Media?
You sure can. Once you publish your work to the Datylon online application you can embed and share your work via social media. With live data links you ensure your reports or infographics are always rendering automatically with the latest data.

Can I install Datylon on Mac servers?
No you are not allowed to do this with our standard license. Contact us via sales@datylon.com for a quote.

Does Datylon have special licenses for NGO’s and Education?
We sure do. Contact us via sales@datylon.com for a site license.

Can I add custom charts, maps or other dataviz objects?
You can’t do that yourself (for the moment), but we can do it for you. Contact sales@datylon.com and tell us what you want and we will include your visualization in your Datylon plug-in and Datylon online application.

Does Datylon keep a copy of my data?
Datylon does not store the data it visualizes in the case of a live link to data. Each time Datylon loads, it only re-fetches the data from the link provided. Thus, the publicly-hosted Datylon.com can only fetch data and provide shareable links for data files that are already publicly accessible to anyone with the link.

Is there a way to share work privately or to collaborate online with others?
For the moment this is not possible, but we like to provide this functionality if there is sufficient market demand. Let us know if this is something you are interested in via support@datylon.com

How do I find all Datylon objects in my document?
In the layers panel you find all Datylon objects.

How does Datylon support interactive data visualizations?
Developers can embed Datylon templates in apps or websites. With the live data link feature the app or website has full control over the data that is rendered. Further extending interactive data visualization functionality is a key focus area on Datylon’s roadmap. Let us know what functionality is important to you via support@datylon.com.

Can I apply Illustrator effects directly on a Datylon chart or map?
No you can’t: do not apply fill, stroke, effects, rotation or other Illustrator actions on Datylon objects, only use Datylon’s controls to style a dataviz object – read more about this in the documentation under “Working with Datylon in Adobe Illustrator”

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